Why automate when you can digitize?


Business process automation, workflow automation, and all other types of automation have been defined and deployed for many years. Key value proposition is always hinged around productivity gains, simplifying process, eliminating human error, improving collaboration and reducing cost and expediting the time to market. Digital methods of storing and retrieving data have lent themselves well to many industries including media, computing, and many other service oriented economies. Processes currently done manually become efficient and cost-effective when automated, thus allowing knowledge workers to focus on innovation. Automation goals are largely focused on saving time and money.


Digitization is about doing different things and connecting people, process and technology in a different way, thus creating new business models and creating transformation. Because we are already in much automated world, we are able to create this digital transformation. Deep insights generated by analytics applied to big data generated from various sources creates opportunities to constantly analyze, monitor and improve any business process. Such digital transformation can create insights to create an inclusive workforce environment that includes perspectives and ideas from everyone while augmenting the decision making process with ubiquitous analytics. As mentioned in book Digital Vortex, combinatorial disruptors are all around us. Just as the lines between software and hardware is blurring when you drive a car enabled massively by the latest technology- Tesla, we are on the cusp of the retail industry, fitness industry blending with technology, like UnderArmour, Nike and Apple, amongst others.


This digital disruption is not automation, but truly a transformation of how we can drive, workout, modify food intake, monitor health, connect with loved ones, etc.

We live in exciting times, with many opportunities. Disrupt or be disrupted.. tick-tock, tick-tock………

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