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Analytics can boost Customer Success


The mission of any customer success organization is to help your customers derive maximum value from your product. The more you know about your customers business goals and operational challenges, the better you can serve them.

Its tremendously valuable to retain existing customers and drive intimacy with their business and workflow. For this, you have to know how your customers engage with your products. In SaaS business models, success is often measured by subscriptions and not by customers. There are many reasons subscriptions is great for a business, it not only improves the lifetime value of a customer and smooths out the demand, but also drives on time bookings. In addition, subscription models are hugely suitable for data ingestion and analytics. All this makes it possible to drive integration of the workflow, and drive stickiness with the customer base.

Adoption and usage data analytics provide the intelligence for the customer success managers and enable them to be proactive. Therein lies the secret sauce of customer success.. proactive instead of reactive. Customer support plays a vital role in the reactive realm of being attentive, and agile in providing timely assistance.

Understanding usage analytics of a customer uncovers product related feedback that’s vital to improving the core value of your product. Intelligent level of usage analytics can be used to parse complexity of usage, user experience metrics, integration into the workflow of sales and business operations.

Data from User adoption and Usage analytics when integrated into the CRM makes it directly relevant to the business operations for the SaaS client. Understanding the workflow for Pre-sales, marketing lead generation and post sales support, can create the most important list of the first few digitization priorities.

Several off the shelf tools make most of this possible, all the way from Data integration to Visual Analytics interfaces. The differentiating factor is the knowledge of the workflow, creating the business metrics, articulating the OKR, and developing skills at all levels of the organization to create, use and report back on the results. The iterative development and adoption of the Analytics will drive incremental revenue, reduce churn and elevate customer satisfaction.

In summary, any customer success organization which prioritizes proactive customer engagement through smart analytics and workflow automation is well on its way to driving incremental revenue to the enterprise!

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